Refurbishing old glasses, fit in lenses

Has it happened to you too? You love something above all else and you definitely don't want to part with it.

Many feel the same way with glasses that they have gotten used to over the years. But at some point the time will come and you will need new prescription lenses. For some, the old frame does not seem worth preserving, but others see it as a precious rarity. The “philosophy of throwing away nothing” is also becoming more and more popular. Or you have found a super vintage frame on the flea market and want to have it refurbished and fitted with new lenses.

The old or unusual frames are one thing, the highest quality lenses and great craftsmanship are the other. This is where we from AllesBrille come in.

In our shop, our master optician measures your eyesight extremely precisely. At AllesBrille only quality lenses “Made in Germany”, more precisely, manufactured in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, find their way into the frames. Our motto here is: “Think global, buy local”. As far as the pricing of the lenses is concerned, we do not shy away from any comparison with the well-known optician's stores. Our lenses are cheaper than most of the competition!

We call ourselves the grinding specialists. In our state-of-the-art workshop, both mineral and plastic lenses are processed. We can grind the lenses on site, even with unusual frames models.

We are also well prepared to bring your favorite piece back into shape after a minor mishap. Whether screwing, soldering, bending, cementing or refurbishing, our well trained and friendly staff will anticipate your every wish regarding your glasses, and ensure that you will get a perfect result. 

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